Almost everyone wants to get rid of belly fat. There have been plenty of times that the mirror has been the enemy and caused nothing but heartbreak. People work-out in the gym for hours to get the stubborn fat away, and to get that toned and slim waist. In case of women, it is the muffin top that always comes to the rescue for hiding all the not-so-good looking fat.  But the area of the abdomen consists of numerous interconnected body tissues and muscles that are seen to connect all the parts of the body.  Hence there are some of the exercises given below will help in toning of all the fat to give a great looking body structure.

  1. Get the waist lines moving. Try to twist and turn the area around the waist so that there is movement that goes upwards from the bottom of the rib.  It is advised to keep the hips firm and still without any movement for better results. Then stand firm and tighten up the muscles. Whenever there is a movement the body should feel the pain of tightening up. Breathe normally and try to exhale out very deeply. In order to help in strengthening of the ab muscles it should be ensured that the lower back is protected. Make sure that there is proper breathing.
  2. Sit on the yoga mat and keep the thighs along with the upper torso in the shape of a V. The lower legs should be crossed and then they have to be lifted very slowly. Hold a heavy dumbbell in the hands. Start to swivel the ball from right to the left by keeping the shape of the body intact. Repeat the same movement in the set of 3. Do it for3–4 times in a week.