This short informative note also offers encouragement. It is specifically designed to appeal to consumers who find themselves with regular cash shortfalls every other month and to those who have endured a lengthy history of over-indebtedness. In those days, they had been servicing one too many loans which they soon found were exorbitantly priced and, over time, found very difficult to pay back on time each month.

Today, thanks to both legislation and proactive non-traditional lenders, the way has been cleared for the above-profiled consumers to access affordable loans. But to help these customers on their way, they are the first to offer good advice, based on institutional knowledge and experience-based expertise, on how to properly process their next lainahakemus. The best advice given by them and all others who follow the principles of prudence is to only take out a loan when it is really needed.

This these lenders already learned when they were once enrolled in the larger traditional banking houses which, ironically, strayed from these prudent principles at some stage in order to attract new business. History has shown that this irrational approach to banking has failed. But it has also allowed these new lenders to take what they have experienced from the past and apply them to their client-focused models in wholly innovative and flexible ways.


Previously, loan access was always restricted. Now, this is no longer the case. What is also encouraging is that while loans are greatly accessible and affordable, lenders, no matter how innovative and customer-friendly they are, remain adamant about the importance of helping their clients to be more prudent with their loan requirements. As a matter of course, affordability checks are now done by both the lenders and their clients.