Romantic ladies and gentlemen do not fear. We are not about to cast a wicked spell on you. Did you know that practice is in fact a myth? It only happens in fairy tales. But falling in love is real. Those of you who know the feeling will agree.

Those of you who are still waiting for that momentous moment, do not lose hope, your time is coming. To bring you closer to your flame, you could use love spells to attract his attention.

Men generally have short attention spans and one-track minds, don’t they? But for them to truly fall in love with you, you could cast a spell or two. By way of a short explanation, we are using one example to help you understand the scenario better. Here, we are using what is known as a white spell. Its full phraseology reads thus; white magic love spell. The psychics tell us that this spell is highly effective in achieving the desired long-lasting results.

love spells

One psychic even handed out one just for good measure and to show it all works. She said that it’s one that you can cast all by yourself. It begins like this. The spell can only begin casting on what is known as a new moon or full moon day. So, get your charts out girls (and boys). Then what you need next is quite nice and romantic anyway. It’s what this psychic has christened a red color love candle. And to think that it’s in the shape of a heart!

When the new moon hour starts, the candle is lit. The candle, it is said, should be big enough to keep on burning until the full moon arrives. So, now we get it too. That’s how star-struck lovers are moonstruck.